Why GPL license?

Did thou be aware of up to expectation some thing like 32% concerning entire the web sites in the ball are WordPress websites, yet that WordPress was once tooled in accordance with keep totally free, for everybody? Well it’s true, or WordPress itself is nevertheless free. There are too arbitrary subject matters yet plugins on hand within the WordPress.org, but the good subject matters yet plugins are “premium” then have in accordance with be paid for. The fact is up to expectation even as WordPress is free, by using the time you’ve paid because of a theme then a equal about plugins, building a WordPress website do grow to be quite expensive. But you probably recognize so already.

But did ye recognize to that amount the sizeable championship about the top rate WordPress issues yet plugins as developers promote are supplied after you including a GPL license?

And did ye recognize to that amount a GPL consent capability up to expectation once you download a theme and plugin, thou can use, customize and even part that including your pals postulate thou wish? Well, you can, also agreement theme then plugin developers don’t like it.

We tooled plugintheme.net according to bust abilities concerning the GPL licence, according to part the expenses on subject matters or plugins by means of dividing to them together with ye at a tons greater less costly cost.

Because we necessity to help thou decrease the price on building thine next WordPress website!

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